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Why It’s Better to Go for A Personalised Fitness Plan

Joining a fitness centre near you or work outing at home are often some of your options when aiming to lose excess weight or bulk up. While building your own fitness program saves you money, there’s no guarantee you will achieve your fitness goals. This is because you have unique fitness levels, skills, and objectives, and simply turning to search engines for fitness tips is not the best solution.

Instead of completing a trial and error process and hoping for the best, it’s advisable to seek professional fitness help when starting your fitness journey. Here are the reasons it’s better to hire a personal trainer when building your personalised fitness plan:

  • They Help Identify Fitness Goals

Setting fitness goals will improve your chances of reaching your desired results. While this sounds obvious, it might sound surprising to hear that many people who exercise regularly don’t have a specific goal in mind. Since they are clueless about what they want, they tend to wander around the gym and wonder what exercises to perform during their session.

Not having a goal also makes it difficult for you to assess what you have achieved. As a result, you are likely to waste time or overlook other important fitness aspects. If you are unsure about your objectives, then you should work with a fitness trainer. You will be more motivated after receiving help in setting goals and getting a customised evaluation and workout plan!

  • They Create Customised Exercises

Being a complete beginner in the gym can be intimidating. The lack of knowledge and experience in using the equipment and being too embarrassed to ask for help can also lead you to simply copy someone else’s workout routine. Since this fitness program is not tailored to your goals and fitness level, it is likely inefficient and can even result in injury.

Hire a fitness trainer if you are clueless about how you should be working out, as they will give structure to your fitness program. They will also create a plan just for you based on your previous or existing injuries, joint mobility, body fat percentage, and more. All of these can be used to track your progress.

  • They Consider the Mental Challenge

Besides the physical aspect, psychological readiness can also affect fitness performance and achievement. Failing to mentally prepare can impact motivation and effort. For example, cold weather, exhaustion, or lack of time can become habitual excuses for avoiding exercise. This is why many people who go to the gym and work out on their own tend to feel motivated at first, then hit a plateau or quit eventually.

Doing the same exercises over and over again can get boring. With a fitness trainer’s help, you get to perform a diverse variety of enjoyable activities. You also receive the boost you need and have someone encouraging you throughout your fitness journey!


When you are new to working out, you may get bored with the same exercises or not know where to start. With a personal trainer by your side, you get to align yourself with your goals, assess your strengths and weaknesses, and perform the correct exercises to achieve your expected results. If you are finally convinced that exercising with a fitness trainer is beneficial for you, find an experienced professional near you today!

At GW Functional Fitness, we hold boot camp training and outdoor and virtual personal training. Book today to start your fitness journey!

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