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Video Assessment Policy


1.The video must contain footage of your assessment only and your assessment must commence at the beginning of the recording.

2. Unless previously agreed in writing with us, your assessment must be shot in one take. You will automatically fail on your assessment if the video contains any edits or breaks in the recording.


3. We recommend a suitable fitness centre for your assessment. If the place is determined to be unacceptable based on your assessment, you will be automatically fail. As a result, you should verify with us about your venue options before you make a video evaluation.


4.Throughout the whole video, you and your participant(s) must always be in camera shot. When activities are done, the assessor watching the video needs to examine how you stand in relation to other participants, how they carry out the exercises, and how you engage with one another. Throughout the duration of the video, you and your participant(s) must both be audibly heard at all times. If your participant(s) have trouble hearing your instructions, you will automatically fail on your assessment. Before you submit the video for marking, we suggest you to check the audio levels.


5. If necessary, you can position the camera in a fixed location. To see a piece of equipment more closely, you do not need to zoom in. If you are using a cameraperson, they must keep quiet the entire time the video is being recorded. In order to avoid interfering with the assessment, they should keep a reasonable space between them. 


6. Avoid engaging with or speaking to the camera after the assessment has started.​


7. Once you are confident that you have fulfilled the above requirements, we advise you to upload your video online. You can also submit your footage on a storage device such a USB.


8. You must include your video assessment with your finished lesson plans, PAR-Q, and informed permission papers for each person who appears in your video. If we are missing this information, we won't mark the video assessment.


9. Your video must be correctly labelled including your full name, user name, and the assessment title, identifying it as a practical assessment. Please give your video assessment three weeks to be marked. We suggest that a duplicate recording should be kept for your records.

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