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Special Consideration Policy and Procedures 


Special Consideration Definition - A student who has just gone through a temporary experience is given special consideration.


A sickness or injury, or some other uncontrollable circumstance, that has had or is reasonably expected to have had a major impact on the learner's capacity to participate in an assessment, this may include, but is not limited to, an accident, bereavement or serious disturbance during or prior to the assessment. 


The following situations do not allow for special consideration requests:

  • Due to personal obligations, such as unapproved absences and holidays a portion of the evaluation was missed

  • There was no evidence given to suggest that a student was suffering from an illness, injury, bereavement, or other condition at the time of the assessment.


How Special Consideration is Applied

The learner's assessment performance is examined in light of the unique circumstance that has arisen in each case where GWFF/YMCA Awards believes the use of special consideration to be justly required. According to the conditions warranting special attention and the learner's performance, this review may result in a proportionate modification to the learner's mark for an assessment. However, it should be remembered that the results of a special consideration review won't always impact the learner's score or overall assessment performance.


Special consideration cannot be applied if this will provide a learner with an unreasonable advantage over other learners. Giving the student a chance to retake the test may be acceptable in some situations. Limitations on the scope of special consideration may apply in assessments leading to Industry standard; this may lead to the refusal of a request for special consideration even in cases where the supporting documentation would have otherwise been approved. It might be especially desirable in these circumstances for the student to retake the test.


Making a Special Consideration Request

Students should send their tutor an email regarding their special consideration. Applications must be accompanied by proof of the learner's need for special consideration due to their unique learning needs. This should be in the shape of a medical record, student support record, or other suitable record. Within 10 working days after accepting a request for special consideration, GWFF/YMCA Awards will attempt to confirm the outcome.


The learner may make an application for special consideration up to 21 days after taking the external exam.

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