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Recognition of Prior Learning Policy



Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is based on a portfolio of supporting documentation that you, the candidate, must provide in order to be recognised for one or more units towards a qualification. The following information must be provided:


• Documentation of past education and credentials, including some of the units of competency in this qualification that are eligible for Credit Transfer (CT) and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL);

• Recognition of Current Competence, which is proof of current proficiency (RCC)


Portfolio evidence


Each fitness course qualification, you must show that you are competent in a variety of tasks and activities and can operate independently in a variety of scenarios and contexts.


We recognise that compiling data and creating a portfolio take time. Yet, it is in your best advantage to organise everything as soon as you can.


To verify that the items and procedures you are submitting are indeed your creations, you need to provide supporting documentation. You could require letters from outside sources to support your portfolio.

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