How to Ease Into A More Active Lifestyle

Some older adults insist on doing mundane tasks around their homes, from mowing the lawn to cleaning every nook and cranny of their living space. Although we can feel a bit concerned for their safety, you should also look at it from a different perspective because they're just squeezing some physical activity to keep their bodies healthy.

Unfortunately, the older we get, the more likely we'll succumb to a sedentary lifestyle. Sadly, 67 percent of adults sit for about eight hours a day, and the remaining percentage remain physically active. Seeing as the gap is quite significant, it's best to be conscious about your health and be more proactive about squeezing in some movement throughout your day.

Because of this, many invest in fitness by getting personal training to ensure that they get the right fitness program that fits their lifestyle and body conditions. Trust us — we know how difficult it can be to choose to move, but in doing so, you're watering the seeds of a better and healthier life.

What Makes a Sedentary Lifestyle Dangerous?

No doubt living a sedentary lifestyle can affect your health in many ways, and most don't realize that. For instance, if you sit for long periods in front of a television, you increase your chances of developing venous thrombosis, which is blood clots in your legs and could be potentially fatal.