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Malpractice and Maladministration Policy



This policy is directed towards our clients, including students, who are involved in suspected or actual malpractice or maladministration when delivering or registering for GW Functional Fitness Ltd (GWFF) qualifications or fitness programs. Additionally, it is used by our personnel to make sure that all malpractice and administrative misconduct investigations are handled consistently.


It outlines the procedures our centre, learners, and other staff members must adhere to when reporting suspicious or verified occurrences of malpractice or maladministration, as well as our duties in handling such situations. Additionally, it outlines the measures we will take in the evaluation process.


GWFF’s obligation 

It is crucial that our learners and the personnel who manage, evaluate, and ensure the quality of our qualifications are well aware of the terms of the policy, and that our centre has procedures in place to guard against and look into cases of fraud and bad administration. 


Sanctions may be imposed on our organisation for failing to disclose cases of malpractice or maladministration, whether they are genuine or suspected, or for failing to put in place adequate safeguards against them.


Review procedures 

As part of our quality strategy and annual self-assessment procedures, we will examine the policy every year. The policy will be updated as and when required in response to feedback from customers and students, adjustments to our procedures, measures taken by regulatory bodies or other external agencies, changes in the law, or patterns suggested by prior claims. In order to maintain the effectiveness of our procedures for handling suspected cases of malpractice or maladministration, this policy may also be revised in light of operational feedback.


Procedure for filing a complaint of wrongdoing or poor management 

Anyone who discovers or learns of suspected or real incidents of malpractice or maladministration at any point must notify a senior member of staff. They must do this in writing or email, and they must include the necessary supporting documentation. 

All accusations must, whenever feasible, contain the following:

  • Name, location, and phone number of the centre

  • Name of the learner and the number of the awarding body

  • Names and work titles of any GWFF’s personnel who are involved in the case

  • When the alleged or actual malpractice happened

  • Full details of the alleged or actual misconduct

  • Any inquiry conducted by the centre or anyone else connected to the case, including its findings and any mitigating factors

  • Name, title, and signature of each informant on written statements


If a centre performs research before formally submitting it, the centre should: 

  • Inform persons who are suspected of malpractice that they have a right to know the relevant details of the case and potential outcomes

  • Make sure the personnel leading the investigation is independent of the staff, learners, or function being investigated

  • Send us your report along with the investigation's results

In all circumstances, we will uphold our obligation to maintain confidentiality and/or other legal obligations by protecting the identity of the informant.


Process and timeliness of the investigation 


Within 20 working days of receiving the allegation, GWFF hopes to take action and complete all phases of the inquiry. 


Investigative steps could include: 

  • A request for additional information from the staff at the centre or GWFF

  • Telephone or in-person interviews with anyone involved in the investigation


A staff member of GWFF who is under investigation may be suspended or transferred to other responsibilities while the inquiry is ongoing. GWFF will be in charge of supervising the activity of the investigation team throughout the investigation to verify that proper procedures are being followed and that the necessary evidence has been obtained and assessed for communicating with and informing relevant external parties.

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