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Learner Induction Procedure Policy




All of the material about the current qualification, including specifics about the assessments, is provided in this learner induction procedure. Before you begin learning, kindly take the time to read this induction guide carefully. 


Your selected training programme will be supported by our team of qualified tutors and examiners, who will make each step of the process fun. 


GWFF wants to give students all the information they need to get started on their course, as well as advice. 


Our main goal is to provide students the information, practical skills, and self-assurance they need to effectively collaborate with a large number of people within the health and fitness industry.


The learners will: 


  • Obtain thorough and timely information regarding the training's objectives, results, content, assessment, resources, and schedule

  • Receive a course manual to support the training session and advance the learner's knowledge and abilities

  • Be introduced to their tutor(s) and/or assessor(s)

  • Have the course schedule explained, including how the course is structured


Policies and procedures

The induction process adequately explains our rules and processes as well as the rights and obligations of the employees and students. Additionally, the following policies and processes are covered with learners: 


  • Malpractice & Plagiarism Policy & Procedure

  • Complaints Policy and Procedure

  • Appeals and Review Procedure

  • Equal Opportunities

  • Health & Safety Policy

  • Conflict of Interest Policy


Agreement on Teaching and Learning 


We need tutors and students to sign a "Teaching and Learning Agreement" in order to ensure that all students get the most out of their training. The Agreement outlines what is anticipated of the tutor during training as well as what is anticipated of the student throughout training and assessments.


Tutors will: 


  • Work within the start/finish times and schedule we've established

  • Let you know what each session's goals and procedures are

  • Utilise training tools that will help you learn more

  • Give participants the chance to participate in learning through questions, comments, and feedback

  • Provide individualised support and direction in relation to any evaluation criterion

  • Obey our equal opportunity policy


We expect that learners will: 


  • Complete all required modules on time

  • Using a personal timeline and an action plan created with a mentor, complete lessons on time

  • Finish all required paperwork, tasks, and reading material (where applicable)

  • Participate and pay attention in all online workshops

  • Take charge of their education by keeping their mentor or tutor informed of their progress

  • Ask for assistance and direction when necessary

  • Be respectful of other people and the environment by abiding by all applicable Health, Safety, and Operational guidelines

  • Follow the Equal Opportunity Policy

  • Follow any applicable professional codes of ethics

  • Respect the requirements for proper conduct throughout an assessment


Declaration of Authenticity


I thus affirm that I will adhere to the teaching learning agreement and that any work I provide for my assessments is original to me. 


Learners Name:




Appeals Process


All assessment candidates are evaluated in accordance with our established assessment standards by certified and properly skilled assessors. 


A candidate has the right to file a written appeal in response to the assessment decision.


Learners Support 


We are dedicated to giving learning support wherever feasible. 


On the application form or in a direct communication with the tutor, learners are asked to disclose any unique learning requirements, medical issues, and/or injuries which may affect learning or the assessment. Documentation of learning needs might be required to support this.


You can get advice on the specific needs of the course from your tutor and assessor. It might be possible to use a "Reasonable Assessment Adjustment" in some circumstances to take into account a particular learning need. To make sure you are adequately supported throughout the course and evaluation, please address this with your course instructor during course registration. The schedule for the course will also make it clear when your tutor will be accessible to answer specific questions or clarify any areas that are unclear. 


Tutor Support: On weekdays, tutors will be accessible from 9am - 6pm, to address any questions and offer whatever assistance is necessary. 


Email Support: On weekdays from 9am - 6pm, tutors and office personnel will be on hand to address any questions and offer whatever assistance is needed.


Learners feedback

We appreciate input from all of our students since we are dedicated to listening to them. 



The assessment procedure will be thoroughly explained during the induction. In order to make sure that they are completely informed about their assessment arrangements, learners are invited to ask questions. 



In order to complete the induction programme, staff will respond to learners' inquiries and make sure that everyone knows who to contact if they have any additional questions. 



Staff members will review the subjects covered during introduction to see if learners still comprehend all that was discussed then. 


Monitoring of the policies 

A yearly review of this policy will be conducted by the management team.

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