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Learner Complaints Policy



Applies to all learners, employers, stakeholders and members of the public.


Reason for policy:

To resolve complaints in a timely and effective manner, to use the information to improve our service, and to ensure complaints can be handled professionally.



It is acceptable that at times, a person can feel aggrieved by their treatment or service, and it is essential that GW Functional Fitness Ltd (GWFF) have a professional mechanism to deal with the complaint. We treat a complaint as any expression of dissatisfaction with our service which calls for a response.


Complaints Procedure

A formal complaint can be made to GWFF via Email


To ensure the availability of evidence, complaints should be made within 6 months of an incident taking place.


A complaint will formally be acknowledged by GWFF within one working day of receipt.


Complaints will be reviewed by a senior manager who will initiate and coordinate the appropriate investigation based on the categorisation and severity. This may include interviews with appropriate parties and if necessary further clarification from the complainant.


GWFF will aim to resolve complaints within 10 working days, should a further period be required, the complainant will be informed.


The senior manager will write to the complainant advising him/her of the conclusions of the investigation.



On receipt of a complaint the senior manager will review the complaint and decide, dependent on the significance, whether the compliant will be taken further. Examples where escalation might take place would be if the concern came from a learner or member, related to equality and diversity or was a health and safety matter.



The leadership team will receive monthly reports on complaints, and on a quarterly basis the company Director will be presented with a summary. The relevant action and investigates will be put in place to improve the service which we provide.

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