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Health and Safety Policy

GW Functional Fitness ltd (GWFF) is committed to ensuring the highest possible standard of safeguarding. The personal safety and wellbeing of each student and tutor using GWFF is paramount.



  • The aim of this policy is to safeguard all students using GWFF system whilst they are within a lesson session

  • This policy document contains the responsibilities of all persons using GWFF, including tutors and students

  • It is important that all persons using or working on behalf of GWFF are aware of this policy and have familiarised themselves with the detailed safeguarding procedures.

  • This policy should be read and understood before engaging in any activity arranged through GWFF and the responsibilities and procedures therein adhered to. Contravention of the policy document could lead to suspension and/or barring from the services.



Roles and Responsibilities of persons using GWFF online teaching/learning


The tutor shall:

  • All online tutorials will be recorded and normally available for play back to learners for up to 30 days. The recordings will remain the property of GWFF

  • Ensure that their environment does not display any inappropriate images or documentation capable of being viewed by the student or parent/responsible adult when conducting a session

  • Treat students fairly and without prejudice or discrimination

  • Always ensure language is appropriate and not offensive or discriminatory

  • Ensure any contact with the student is appropriate to their role as a tutor and confined to the relevant lesson session

  • Not make any improper suggestions to the learner

  • Not send unsolicited communications to the learner

  • Value and take learners contributions seriously

  • Report any dispute with a learner to GWFF management, in accordance with the Safeguarding procedures document

  • Report any inappropriate behaviour or illegal activity identified within a lesson session by the learner or third party, in accordance with procedures set out in Safeguarding procedures.



The learners shall:

  • Treat the tutor with respect and fairness, and not subject them to abusive behaviour or language

  • Not make any improper suggestions to the tutor

  • Have no inappropriate communication with the tutor outside the lesson session

  • Report any dispute with a tutor to management of GWFF

  • Report any inappropriate behaviour or illegal activity by a tutor within a session to management of GWFF

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