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GW Functional Fitness Ltd (GWFF) is committed to promoting diversity and minimising discrimination, and we accept the ethos and expectation of the various laws, rules, and codes of conduct that individually and collectively forbid certain forms of discrimination in unit or qualification development, selection, recruitment, induction, programme delivery, assessment, and other areas. 


The goal of GWFF is to make sure that students are authentically represented of all societal groups and that each student feels valued and empowered to perform at their highest level.


GWFF will adhere to all applicable equal opportunity laws in carrying out the regulated duties it does, and will in particular have measures in place to guarantee that it does not discriminate and treats everyone equally. 


The following protected characteristics are addressed by the GWFF in order to challenge discrimination and remedy recognised inequities or potential barriers:


  • age

  • disability

  • gender reassignment

  • race

  • religion or belief

  • sex

  • sexual orientation

  • pregnancy or maternity

  • marriage / civil partnership


Additionally, GWFF will work to ensure that diversity issues are recognised and that management takes seriously any complaints of discrimination by conducting an investigation and correcting the situation as soon as possible and as sensitively as necessary.


GWFF has an obligation to: 

  • follow the Equality Act (2010) 

  • make sure that the qualification development process incorporates equity and diversity, involving the creation of units and blending criteria

  • encourage diversity in the chatrooms (on screen)

  • address any violations of this policy and the procedures in a proper manner

  • are given suggestions and direction to make sure that equal opportunity is shown

  • regularly examine policies and procedures to make sure they provide equal opportunity for all


Students must make sure they take ownership of implementing the diversity policy established by GWFF. They are also accountable for alerting the teaching staff to any instances of discrimination that they come across.


The personnel at GWFF must make sure that excellent practises for equal opportunity are followed in the areas under their supervision and that all of their students are aware of both GWFF and YMCA Awards equal opportunity policies.


GW Functional Fitness Ltd (GWFF) has a duty as a course provider, to:

  • identify and monitor all conflicts of interest that concern our work

  • determine and monitor any situation where a potential conflict of interest is even remotely probable

  • create and keep a current record of all conflicts of interest relating to our work as a course provider

  • make every effort to prevent a conflict of interest from having a detrimental effect

  • make every effort to ensure that no person with a personal stake in the outcome of the assessment is involved in any part of the learner's assessment (including quality assurance), or, if this is not possible, to arrange for the relevant portion of the assessment to be evaluated by a different person


Centre responsibilities

We require our staff to resolve conflicts of interest that may arise during the delivery, evaluation, and internal quality assurance of our qualifications in order to uphold our duties and guarantee the future validity of our certifications.


This includes:

  • obtaining a written Conflict of Interest Policy that is clear and detailed enough to enable the centre to recognise, handle, and document both real and potential conflicts of interest

  • making sure that when a subcontractor is used for any aspect of the delivery, assessment, or quality assurance of GWFF, its Conflict of Interest Policy adequately addresses the identification and management of potential conflicts of interest that may arise through subcontracting arrangements

  • in accordance with the rules outlined in their policy

  • submitting a copy of their conflict of interest policy as part of the application for site approval, and providing it to GWFF upon request at any subsequent time

  • making documents of the detection and management of conflicts of interest known throughout external quality assurance work and notifying conflicts of interest to GWFF at the time they are discovered, including those involving subcontracting agreements

  • getting in touch with GWFF if there are any worries about conflicts of interest, regardless of whether the centre is in charge of them or GWFF is

  • If they are unsure of how to manage a potential or current conflict of interest, they should consult GWFF


Staff responsibilities


Individual employees are responsible for informing their supervisors of any potential conflicts of interest; in situations where one might exist, adequate measures must be taken to ensure that the potential conflict of interest cannot affect how an evaluation is conducted. All conflict of interest disclosures must be logged and shared with the GWFF designated coordinator by line managers. All GWFF employees, independent contractors, specialised contributors, subject matter experts, and other associates or freelancers hired by GWFF are required to disclose any potential or actual conflicts of interest at the time of recruitment and to abide by the conflict of interest guidelines outlined in their contract. Additionally, we determine during staff orientation whether there are any conflicts of interest and corresponding threats to the preservation of the privacy of our assessments. In some situations, it may be possible to identify potential or real conflicts of interest throughout the recruitment process and look into conflict management methods. The employee of a freelancer has a duty to report their line manager as soon as is reasonably reasonable if any new conflicts or potential conflicts develop after recruiting and induction.



Any questions about this policy should be sent to: 


Telephone: +44



GW Functional Fitness ltd (GWFF) is committed to ensuring the highest possible standard of safeguarding. The personal safety and wellbeing of each student and tutor using GWFF is paramount.



  • The aim of this policy is to safeguard all students using GWFF system whilst they are within a lesson session

  • This policy document contains the responsibilities of all persons using GWFF, including tutors and students

  • It is important that all persons using or working on behalf of GWFF are aware of this policy and have familiarised themselves with the detailed safeguarding procedures.

  • This policy should be read and understood before engaging in any activity arranged through GWFF and the responsibilities and procedures therein adhered to. Contravention of the policy document could lead to suspension and/or barring from the services.



Roles and Responsibilities of persons using GWFF online teaching/learning


The tutor shall:

  • All online tutorials will be recorded and normally available for play back to learners for up to 30 days. The recordings will remain the property of GWFF

  • Ensure that their environment does not display any inappropriate images or documentation capable of being viewed by the student or parent/responsible adult when conducting a session

  • Treat students fairly and without prejudice or discrimination

  • Always ensure language is appropriate and not offensive or discriminatory

  • Ensure any contact with the student is appropriate to their role as a tutor and confined to the relevant lesson session

  • Not make any improper suggestions to the learner

  • Not send unsolicited communications to the learner

  • Value and take learners contributions seriously

  • Report any dispute with a learner to GWFF management, in accordance with the Safeguarding procedures document

  • Report any inappropriate behaviour or illegal activity identified within a lesson session by the learner or third party, in accordance with procedures set out in Safeguarding procedures.



The learners shall:

  • Treat the tutor with respect and fairness, and not subject them to abusive behaviour or language

  • Not make any improper suggestions to the tutor

  • Have no inappropriate communication with the tutor outside the lesson session

  • Report any dispute with a tutor to management of GWFF

  • Report any inappropriate behaviour or illegal activity by a tutor within a session to management of GWFF

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