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Equality and Diversity

GW Functional Fitness Ltd (GWFF) is committed to promoting diversity and minimising discrimination, and we accept the ethos and expectation of the various laws, rules, and codes of conduct that individually and collectively forbid certain forms of discrimination in unit or qualification development, selection, recruitment, induction, programme delivery, assessment, and other areas. 


The goal of GWFF is to make sure that students are authentically represented of all societal groups and that each student feels valued and empowered to perform at their highest level.


GWFF will adhere to all applicable equal opportunity laws in carrying out the regulated duties it does, and will in particular have measures in place to guarantee that it does not discriminate and treats everyone equally. 


The following protected characteristics are addressed by the GWFF in order to challenge discrimination and remedy recognised inequities or potential barriers:


  • age

  • disability

  • gender reassignment

  • race

  • religion or belief

  • sex

  • sexual orientation

  • pregnancy or maternity

  • marriage / civil partnership


Additionally, GWFF will work to ensure that diversity issues are recognised and that management takes seriously any complaints of discrimination by conducting an investigation and correcting the situation as soon as possible and as sensitively as necessary.


GWFF has an obligation to: 

  • follow the Equality Act (2010) 

  • make sure that the qualification development process incorporates equity and diversity, involving the creation of units and blending criteria

  • encourage diversity in the chatrooms (on screen)

  • address any violations of this policy and the procedures in a proper manner

  • are given suggestions and direction to make sure that equal opportunity is shown

  • regularly examine policies and procedures to make sure they provide equal opportunity for all


Students must make sure they take ownership of implementing the diversity policy established by GWFF. They are also accountable for alerting the teaching staff to any instances of discrimination that they come across.


The personnel at GWFF must make sure that excellent practises for equal opportunity are followed in the areas under their supervision and that all of their students are aware of both GWFF and YMCA Awards equal opportunity policies.

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