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1:1 Online Coaching

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Once you start your online coaching with GWFF you will take part in a short fitness assessment which will help us get a better understanding of your fitness level. For this assessment the only piece of equipment that you will need is a timer/stop watch. This short assessment which will include all the major muscle groups as well as your cardiovascular system. At the end of the assessment you'll be asked a series of questions regarding where you train and what type of equipment you have access to. BENEFITS OF ONLINE COACHING: ✅ Accountability - Keeping in touch with your coach is key to meeting your fitness targets. Online coaching offers you around the clock communication through phone or email. ✅ Cost - Online coaching can be a more affordable alternative to personal training. ✅ Equipment - If you exercise at home a starter pack of equipment can be arranged for an additional fee. ✅ Expertise - The ability to work with a professional that has the knowledge to help you reach your goal. ✅ Schedule & flexibility - The freedom to train on your schedule and not the trainers availability.

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Online Coaching, £100.00/month


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