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12 Week Kettlebell Workout (Beginner)

  • 84Days
  • 300Steps


This beginner kettlebell workout is designed for self motivated and self disciplined individuals that are unsure how to push their muscles in new ways which is an essential part of developing strength and encouraging weight loss. To get started with this workout you will need a pair of kettlebells that weigh between 4 and 10 kg. If you already have two different weights (4 kg and 6 kg, for example), don't worry; you can still complete this workout in an offset manner. Just be sure to alternate sides with the kettlebells when necessary. Once you feel comfortable, you can use a heavier weight as long as you perform each exercise safely. Week 1-3 will be an introduction to some of the most popular kettlebell movements, which will target your full body as well as core stability and balance. From week 4 onwards you will involve supersets which will put more stress on your muscles with less time for recovery during your workout. You should begin with a light weight until you feel comfortable to increase to a heavier weight as long as you perform each exercise safely. Enjoy your workouts and remember to stay hydrated before, during and after exercise.

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